Evolve Workspace Solutions

In an age of global warming and other environmental issues, in an industry recognised as a major contributor to these problems, Evolve Workspace Solutions takes responsibility for our contribution, attempting to minimise our environmental impact in the following ways:

  • We direct our clients to environmentally friendly products, and where possible GECA certified items. We also promote eco-friendly components such as CFC free foam, recyclable fabrics, low emission board,plantation timber and recyclable chair parts:
  • We recommend manufacturers who use environmentally sound manufacturing techniques;
  • Supplying high quality commercial products which will stand the test of time, maximising the allocation of resources and minimising the contribution to land fill;
  • Responsible recycling of furniture packaging and waste materials;
  • Focusing on office design and product selection that lends itself to flexibility and adaptability, considering recofiguration and internal churn, hence maximising the lifespan of each product.